Playlist of Mostly Korean Girls at their competitions

Playlist of Mostly Korean Girls at their competitions

Hi guys, I compiled a youtube list of multiple girls competing at various levels in WFF, NABBA, IFBB, and NPC.

I will make the playlist private again in a few days, so download it while you can.

Included are people like:

* Hyun Min Lee (when she still competed)
* pino.holic (Cho Im Jung)
* Kim Hye-Young (when she still competed)
* Lee ye-rin
* Chen Ying Ying
* Sara Choi
* Song. A Reum
* Ju Mi Kim
* Hansu Jeong
* Yuri Hong
* Bora Seo
* J.suran (don’t know her actual name)
* Yu Jong Choi
* Cho Gwi bi (9__bb on instagram)
* Ga Hyo Un

The list mostly includes Korean Girls, but there are other Asian locations in there too.

There are a few vids that don’t belong. You can ignore those.

There are also videos I have downloaded that aren’t on youtube anymore. I might upload those in the future in there is a need.

Also, the name of the account isn’t my actual name, so don’t harass anyone for those vids that you think might be me.

Finally, I know the names of most of the girls in the vids, so if you need help IDing someone, lmk.

If you are having issues downloading full playlists from youtube, I recommend:

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